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Yasiel Puig Delivers Supplies to Hartwell School in Cincinnati

Yasiel Puig partnered with Yoobi and Cincinnati Museum Center to provide 560 students at Hartwell School in Cincinnati with the tools they need to learn and be creative at school. A local partner, Crayons to Computers, helped deliver the Yoobi Classroom Packs filled with more than 12k free school supplies, enough for each student. The Cincinnati Museum Center helped provide each student with a brand-new backpack. Puig hosted a pep-rally to get the students excited about the baseball season and encouraged them to work hard in school. He was accompanied by Reds mascot, Rosie Red.

This event was a part of Yasiel Puig’s Wild Horse Children’s Foundation school partnerships program, which aims to improve educational resources and sports programming in public schools. Puig has previously executed school visits in Los Angeles, California. This was his first school visit in Cincinnati, since he was traded from the Dodgers in December.


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