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Sunday Funday with Families and Children

MLB Outfielder, Yasiel Puig,

spread happiness and excitement for underserved families and children who were in the Midnight Mission Homelight Family Living program in Inglewood, CA.

Upon arrival, the families were  not only anxious and excited to see Mr. Puig, but were also overtaken with gratitude. Puig  took photos with the children and families, and on the behalf ofThe Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, donated a plethora of basketballs and soccer balls for positive recreational use to the Homelight family living center of Inglewood! He also brought and signed t-shirts, posters and Nike batting gloves for the guests who accompanied him during his visit.

Once the families thought the "Sunday Funday" couldn't get any better, he proposed to play a one inning game of Baseball with the children! He played as the pitcher, and the kids did an amazing job playing the one inning,  ending in one of the children hitting a home run as the final batter of the game!

Other special guests included District 2 of Inglewood, Mayor Alex Padilla, and other members of City Council.

The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation was established to enhance and empower our underserved communities and youth through providing not only athletic and educational resources to children, but happiness as well.Partnering with Midnight Mission and the Homelight Family Living program of Inglewood, CA was a prime opportunity to showcase how strongly the Mission of The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation is to not only Puig, but to all involved with The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation. This Sunday Funday is a day these families and children will never forget!


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