The Wild Horse Foundation Brings Cheer to the Families of HomeLight

WHEN: Sunday - April 2, 2017 - 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

WHO: Major League Baseball (MLB) Professional Player Yasiel Puig, President of The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation will spend the evening with our HomeLight Family Living program residents (11 families) and Alumni (20 families), along with Inglewood Councilmember Alex Padilla and other special guests.

WHAT: Yasiel Puig and Wild Horse will be bringing smiles and gifts to the families at HomeLight. The event will include a delicious Dodger Dog lunch prepared by The Midnight Mission kitchen, a Tee-Ball game and a brief program including a speaker from one of the HomeLight Families and Mr. Puig.

WHERE: Because the location is confidential to protect the residents; media should contact Ricardo Rosales directly for the address. Email him at or call 562-879-0064.

WHY: Mr. Puig, through The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, is sharing his commitment to increasing awareness of and support for our program. He will provide lifelong memories to families of the HomeLight Family Living families and will deliver an important message about giving back to the community.


About HomeLight Family Living, a program of The Midnight Mission: HomeLight Family Living provides the path for families in crisis to reunify, rebuild and restore their lives. We provide education, career preparedness, counseling, and life skills to break the cycle of abuse and poverty to ensure independent, successful living. For additional information, please visit our website at or contact Ricardo Rosales, Director of Family Living at